Friday, April 9, 2010

The Guys Have It

Something funny happened to my wife this morning. I sent her to the bank to deposit a check and exchange some change for my cashbox for WW. She tried to take some money out and had trouble doing so. Why? Seems some how she morphed into a child. I am listed as her custodian on our joint checking account. She could have taken money out if she knew our pin number, but she never using our ATM card. She could have taken money out of our savings account, but I think she was too flustered to realize that. So she was forced to come home and ask "Daddy" for some money.

We ended up going back to the bank and signing some papers to get the account back to where it should have been all along.

Having a good week this week. I've enjoyed listening to "Two Fit Chicks" podcast about the "boys" of healthy liver blogging (their words, not mine). I agreed with much that their guest Ryan had to say on behalf of all men. I also enjoyed D's link about losing weight like a guy. However, I tend to eat lots of sweets. I wouldn't consider myself an emotional eater until my eating faulters and then I just eat more. I usually can keep my emotions in check, till I eat something I wish I didn't and then it just snowballs.

Hoping for a good weekend. I have been able to ride the elliptical much more this week as the wife has been home all day and it's much easier to exercise with someone to watch the little people. Last week, I skipped ALL exercise so this has been a step in the right direction once again. Now, if I could only get myself to track honestly.


Anonymous said...

i still dont have any money :)

Seth said...

my wife would have just left - probably would have gotten flustered as well - and then asked me to take care of it. she's funny like that.

Kathy said...

I only shop online using Paypal or Debit Card. If I shop in a store, I am with my husband and he pays, so I am so out of it that I went shopping with my daughter and granddaughter a couple of weeks ago and had no idea how to get money out of the ATM. They have changed since I did it last! And I handle cash so seldom that I was sorting change for one of the grandkids the other day and was shocked to see a new nickle! When did that happen?

As far as the journalling goes, I believe in the reward system. Fix up a chart and give yourself a prize after you've done it correctly for six weeks!

moonduster said...

Sweets are tough for me too. And during this past Easter, chocolate was my nemesis.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

LOL. I liked the article too but of course it's full of generalizations. I learned from it though. My hubby is a NSP and that's another topic!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Wife~Maybe you should open your own account. ;)

Seth~My wife had no idea what to do. That's why she made me go back with her.

Kathy~Great idea. I shall reward myself handsomely!!

Moonduster~I'm just a sweetie!!

Dee~All articles leave something to be generalized, but good.

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