Tuesday, May 11, 2010

525,600 Minutes

I've had this silly song from "RENT" stuck in my head for days. Unfortunately, I'm HORRIBLE at memorizing anything and the only words to the song "Seasons of Love" that I know are "525,600 Minutes!"

One year! A few weeks ago in a WW meeting, the leader divided the year up into segments: weekdays, weekends, holidays. 104 days are weekends. Not sure if anyone is like me, but the weekends are more difficult because of the lack of routine, added family gatherings and more emotional eating: boredom, stress, happy, sad, etc. Depending on how "true" holidays you celebrate there are between 6-14 holidays. I usually have a plan going into a holiday, but still these are not my best days. Weekdays make up about 250 days. That's about 2/3 of the year. Should be easy to stay honest for 2/3 of the year right?

525,600 minutes! Seems so long, yet flies by quicker than I realize. There's always the longing for Tomorrow as I'll start again, or that Monday will be the beginning of a much better week. Ah, it's the weekend, I'm not going to stress over food now! 52 days of weigh-ins and 52 days of eating whatever I want since I just weighed in and I have all week to make up for it. The birthday parties, the holidays, the extra unexpected treats...it all adds up and I'm longing for the start of the next 525,600 minutes before too long.

We're having some very cool rainy weather around here this week. Mother's Day was a nice day. I finally found a bed pillow at "Bed, Bath & Beyond" that the wife has approved. I couldn't tell you how many bed pillows I've bought for her over the years: the memory foam pillows, the neck-saver pillows, the "Big-One" pillows, the hypoallergenic, etc. Finally, she tells me: "I want a pillow like yours!" The easy thing to do would have been just to wrap mine up and give it to her, but there ain't no way I'm giving my feather down pillow up ;) It's got years of TLC left that I just can't give away. So, it was off to every store that sells pillows and finally found a winner (for now), at BBB!

Have a great Tuesday! Yesterday was a no nap day and hopefully today turns into a 3 hour nap day, 2 hours so far.


Kathy said...

The pillow hunt! Man, do I remember that! My husband likes a firm...no HARD pillow. I even made him one from an old sofa cushion once. We finally found a feather pillow that was packed solid and he loves it.

Miz said...

aaack :)
All I needed to do was read this and I shall be singing the song all day.

I love me some RENT.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

So funny! I'm always looking for the "perfect" pillow for my HUBBY! What happens is he likes his new pillow for a few weeks, and then it's just not right - so I get the "new" pillow (fine with me but he goes back to his awful, gross pillow). He's in new-pillow mode right now -- it's been about a month and he started making comments about it being "not right" last week...wonder if I'm getting another "new" pillow! :)

I love the minutes divided up -- good idea! Maybe an idea for a TOPS program!

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

PS His "gross" pillow has been thrown out this time around (aren't I smart??!) LOL

Yum Yucky said...

I want a 3=hour nap too.

Oh Sew Good said...

I'm the one that's going through pillows and yet to find the right one. Never thought of a feather down. Hmmmm? :)