Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jillian or Bob

My wife got me a gift certificate for a few training sessions at my gym.  When she went to purchase it, the young man behind the counter, whom I know and is very knowledgable and has helped me whenever I've needed assistance, asked my wife if I wanted someone like Jillian or someone like Bob.  She didn't know the answer so she just went for a gift certificate.  I worked out with a younger trainer when I joined for two sessions, but now I've been around for a few months and have seen all the trainers in action.  I definitely had a few in mind that I wouldn't mind working with.  I've seen them training along with their clients or talking/joking and having fun throughout the session.  Then, I've seen a few that have been duds and I would not waste my money on them.  So, what's the answer: Jillian or Bob? Well, at my gym, it is definitely Jillian.  I do not want to work out with a guy who could bench press me with no problem.  Definitely looking for someone who has fun, but works hard.  I immediately made an appointment to train with someone who I have taken spin classes from and who leads the bootcamp class weekly.  She kicked my butt!! But it was a good buttkicking.  I'll be meeting with her once more next Tuesday and then we'll see where it goes from there because personal training isn't the cheapest investment.

Our family is finally starting to feel better.  My 6 yr old, who was sick Christmas morning continued to have a fever till Monday so my wife took her to the doctor.  Turns out she has Scarlet Fever! Now, with some good tasting medicine she is starting to feel better. 

My music downloading project is complete.  Now, I'm trying to burn all of our pictures onto CD's/DVD's from our old computer.  I still love our Mac, but it has definitely seen faster days since it's older than 3 of our 4 kids.

Heading to Boot Camp again tomorrow, and if the kids cooperate, I'll head to an early Weight Watcher meeting.  I've been weighing in on Saturdays as I work, but Christmas and New Year's both fall on a Saturday so that's a bit long of a lay-off.

Happy week! The Christmas cookies are gone here and hoping if anymore appear, they are hidden from my view. A few family pics on the family blog if you'd like to take a look.


Miz said...

this is exactly what my husband says too:

I do not want to work out with a guy who could bench press me with no problem.

whereas Ive always wanted someone stronger than I :)

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

When I saw your title I immediately thought Bob rather than Gillian - she scares me!! :) Too tough for me - I think I'd cry. haha
Scarlet fever?! Wow. There have been a lot of sick families around here - so far, not our family. Hope it stays that way. DS's girlfriend's family was all sick (9 out of 11) on Christmas Day. Too bad.

Kathy said...

Those kids have certainly grown since the last time I dropped in on your family site. The little one has not lost his resemblance to Dad though! Keep kickin' butt, Tom! You are an inspiration to all of us who want to live a healthier lifestyle!

Ron said...

I just need to start working out again.... No time like the present... keep enjoying the gym!