Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Deeds

Have you ever clipped coupons and left them on the shelf at the grocery store? I love when people do this.  Sweet! an extra $1.00 off.  I did this last week as I didn't need eggs or bread as I had just bought some. 

Have you ever shoveled farther down the street than your own sidewalk? My neighbor, who doesn't even have a snowblower does this whenever he shovels before me.  I always reciprocate and try to do his back driveway pad in the alley as well.  Last week, I went farther down the street since he had done mine, I did my other neighbor as they were both working all day and the elderly lady next to them as her walk was the last one not shoveled on our side of the street.

Do you open doors for people? At the gym, my 2 yr old waits for people to come or go just so he can hold the door for them.  It's darn cute, but sometimes I am in a hurry.

This morning we had a charity come and pick up a bag of clothes.  My wife and I bought our first bedroom set over Christmas and I cleaned out my drawers and still had some "big" clothes that I needed to donate.  Might as well left someone else wear them, as they've just sat in my dresser for at least 3 years. 

My WW friend from the grocery store never made it to a meeting this past weekend.  I'll have to make a point to find her again at the store.  She usually works in the floral department. 

Hoping for a good week.  While shopping last week, I made some horrible impulse buys: more trail mix and Quaker Oatmeal-to-go bars.  I knew I didn't need/want them, but I was shopping hungry.  Now, they're gone, prematurely for sure, but gone.  I wasn't feeling "it" this weekend.  Didn't exercise, didn't watch what I was eating and really didn't care.

We're getting a healthy snowfall today.  The biggest storm of the season,  3-5". We're close to a foot of snow below normal. 


Kathy said...

My husband never failed to help someone with car trouble, help a friend move, or extend a hand whenever he could. Now we are on the other end of the stick, we have neighbors who "sneak" over unannounced and take our trash cans to the curb and bring them back to the garage door when they are emptied. We always try to payback in ways that we can when someone has shown us a kindness. We had a young man down the street come and fill the bird and squirrel feeders for us last week. They may not be really important but they make my husband's day. I sent him home with half the dinner I had prepared for us and he was so grateful. The world we such a nicer place if we all did what you did and just go that extra little bit to help the other guy.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

I LOVE doing this (your 2yo and I would get along!) but some people often look at me like "what do you want?" haha I love that! It's fun to add some love into someone's life! Even just a nice smile can make my day - why not someone else's? There are a lot of sad people in this world!

I have to get bags of "stuff" ready for a charity pick-up tomorrow am. Good reminder!

MizFit said...


Oh Sew Good said...

If I'm holding the door for someone and they give me a strange look, I usually respond with "I'm trying to get on full time. Think they'll hire me." They usually laugh at that.

John's Weight Loss Blog said...

A couple of weeks ago I stopped into a Dick's Sporting Goods to buy a water bottle. I was just about ready to pay when a woman in the line next to me walked up with the Dick's coupon sheet and tore out a $1 off coupon for any water bottle - a coupon I didn't know existed, but I was happy for the dollar off!