Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Get Up and Move

I was on Facebook yesterday and saw a post from Jack Sh*t stating that it was his last Facebook post.  It went along with his blog entry from the day prior stating that it was his last blog post.  His point was simple eat right and move!

I've been struggling with my exercise motivation lately.  Since moving, we are almost 1/2 hour from my gym.  I love the gym, but the 1/2 hour there and 1/2 hour back could be used better in my opinion.  Or could it?  I have an awesome elliptical and a home gym that was left in our new house when we moved, so I should have all the right stuff at home, but I make excuses at home.  I'll do it after the dishes, laundry, after breakfast, lunch, after I rest for awhile...really? What do I need to rest for if I've done nothing!

Last week, I did make to the gym 4 days in a row.  My goal was 4 out 5 days this week, but going to my Bootcamp class this morning, I got pushed, motivated and bullied into signing up for two Saturday classes.  It's a special promotion the gym puts on yearly, and everyone else in my Bootcamp class was signed up so they all ganged up on me to get me to sign up.  If I would have stayed home, easy excuses would have allowed me to sleep in Saturday, but since I went to the gym and worked out, I'll be going again Saturday.

I've had a sore back all week, I believe it's because the 4 yr old crawls into our bed and knees me in the back all night.  It's just annoying, but a pain anyway.  May be time to break out the reward chart for staying in his bed all night once again.

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