Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Candy

Dumb move! I opened the candy! It's not "Trick-or-Treat" until Sunday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, but the candy bag is open.  Now, to keep the candy around until then before I need to go out and buy more.  My wife bought one bag of a tootsie roll mix type bag.  I would have been fine staying away from that till Sunday, but I went and bought more.  Fun size candy bars and Skittles, Starburst, chewy stuff mix.  I opened the candy bars.  I figured taking 2 fun size candy bars to work last night would be lots cheaper than buying a silly candy bar for $.95 from the vending machine.  It was and thankfully it's only been "a few" fun size bars so far. 

Today, I headed to Spin class at 9:00 even though I worked till midnight last night.  I did fine as I got at least 6 hrs of sleep versus my 3 hrs if I work till 3:00am.  After spin, I made up for the candy bars and did 20 minutes on the Stair climber hitting 100 floors and about 250 calories.  Last week, I made it to the gym Tuesday-Friday and exercised at home on Saturday so it was a good exercise week.  Eating wise, I did fine till my weekend working shifts.  I really don't need the snacks I sneak, it's just out of boredom that I eat during work.  I did choose wisely as I found snack size bags of Special K chips at Sam's Club last week.  Much better than buying them in bulk as I could eat the whole bulk bag in a sitting.

I did great staying away from snacks in between meals and this week will try to focus on tracking because I know that will be a key to success.  Here's to another 4 day week at the gym.  I may try Friday as well, but am helping at a 1st grade Halloween party till 11:00am.

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Anonymous said...

Those "fun size" packages get to me. They are just too fun!