Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Can't seem to find a picture

I've been looking at other blogs of GOAD and I have realized the reason I have joined WW. I can't find a picture of myself within the last six months. I mean there is not one picture of me since Halloween. None at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Easter, etc.

I have finally found my "Ahaa!" moment. I have been so unhappy about the way I have looked that I have hidden from every camera possible.

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Chameleon girl said...

Hey TB!
I am kind of in the same situation! I never had a weight issue until my mom died when I was 23. At least she was able to attend my wedding. For ten years now, and with a husband that is totally sensitive to what I am going through, I have to lose about 60 lbs to be "average" weight. Isn't it hard? I make stained glass windows for a living, and my studio is in my basement. The fridge is only a few measley stairs away from me. Being a stay at home "anything" changing the way you eat. For me, it is stress eating. But in the long term it must be mind over matter, so much you can taste it!
take care