Friday, September 21, 2007

Did You Say Doctor?

I can honestly say, I haven't been to a doctor in over six years. I'm not sure if I'm bragging or embarrassed, but it is the truth. In fact, I've gone through many different doctors on my insurance card since the last time I went. The last doctor I went to retired, followed by one that stopped accepting my insurance, followed by now not really having a doctor. I read a lot of posts on the Weight Watcher boards this week about going to an "overweight" doctor and if his/her comments about weight loss would motivate you to lose weight. I'm not doing this because some doctor told me too. I'm worried about the outcome if I don't lose weight without hearing it from a doctor. I know there are many "silent killers" out there and when I reach my next milestone birthday, I do plan on going to the doctor, but for now I am quite happy taking my kids to the doctor. I just have a feeling that all the doctor would say is, "you're doing great, keep doing what you're doing, the bill's in the mail!"


S William said...

Hi fellow cheesehead. I am watching the Brewers get toasted by the Braves again tonight. Gack.

Good luck on your journey, and stay in touch.

Dee said...

I won't call you cheesehead... :) -- I've been seeing a specialist lately who is quite overweight. It is really a strange feeling. Here is someone advising me on my health and she doesn't appear to be looking after hers. I understand the battle and she's very competent but the feelings within me feel strange about the whole issue. I was paranoid about my own weight when I had to see her but quite relieved when I saw that I'm smaller than she is. Then I felt sorry for her. It must be difficult to be in the medical profession and be overweight. SEE YOUR DOCTOR THOUGH - it's important! D

Christine said...

Hey - thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. A good idea to see the doctor though - as a gal I am forced to go yearly - and I have forced my hubby to go once every two years. :) Not sure if I could take a doctor too serious about weight loss if she/he was overweight as well. I would imagine it would be difficult to preach it without looking at themselves first.

Take care.

S William said...

You CAN call me a cheesehead. And great Packer colors.

Skinny Guy said...

For the last 8 years I've been visiting my doc 4 times a year due to my diabetes and hypertension. He's in pretty good shape, though.

One of the biggest chuckles I get about doctors is in the sci-fi classic "The Day The Earth Sttod Still" when two doctors are discussing the alien Klaatu's health and the both of them are puffing away on their smokes while chatting. While not uncommon in '51 when the movie was released, it still makes me smile when I watch it.