Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Great Weekend

My week is flying by and I've been too busy to get around to blogging. This past weekend I didn't do the best food-wise, but I had a great time. Saturday, I dropped our 3 kids off at Grandma's house and headed for Green Bay. My wife and I visited with friends from our college days and went to a sports bar on Saturday night. I was pleasantly surprised to see a grilled chicken breast on the menu and I did the right thing by asking for the mayo and cheese on the side. My wife ended up eating the cheese and I left the mayo sit. Sunday, we went to an amazing football game. Packers vs. Chargers! I didn't get all my walking in over the weekend, but I had a great time. We tailgated and I had a garlic-herb chicken breast that was awesome. My sister and brother-in-law were very supportive with the food. We shopped together on Saturday night and bought the chicken, sun chips, and grapes. The only thing that wasn't quite planned for were the girl scout cookies they had brought from home. Overall, it was a great weekend and one that I will call a success in more ways than one.


Kathy said...

Choosing grilled chicken in a sports bar is a primo example of making good choices...good for you.

Those darn Girl Scouts...Maybe we could get them to start up some orchards and sell Girl Scout Apples!

Dee said...

Yah, it's THREE months until Christmas (oops!). That's a relief eh?!

Sounds like a fun weekend away! Aren't grandparents awesome?! How old are your kids? Ours are 18, almost 16, and 13. Boy, girl, girl. D

S William said...

Lucky you. The last game I went to was pre-season and raining vs. the Browns. They ran out of nachos before half-time!

Skinny Guy said...

So if chocolate chip cookies have chocolate chips in them and oatmeal cookies have oatmeal in them, what's in Girl Scout cookies?

Sounds like you had a great time!