Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Update

Well besides seeing the Brewers collapse in the final two innings, I had a very successful Labor Day feast. My wife did make our traditional taco salad and unfortunately, there is at least half of it left. I'll be forcing her to take it to work tomorrow and share with her teacher friends. I didn't bring anything else, but was sad to see watermelon and cantelope as the only fruit at the tailgate party. I am not a melon person! I had several people watching what I had on my plate, so it made me stay disciplined. The only treats I allowed myself was a pretzel during the game and a few rice krispie treats. I'll never be able to pass on those. We definitely could have substituted our sour cream and cheese cheese in the taco salad for fat free and honestly, I doubt that anyone would have noticed, but my wife who was making it. Maybe next year.

Even though I had several people say they were going to eat only what I ate, I noticed that there was plenty of veggies left when it was time to pack up. I made several stops for the sugar snap peas. I treat I don't usually get since my wife and kids are not big pea eaters.

I heard about pluots on the Goad message board last week and at Sam's Club I stumbled upon some as I was picking up fruit to bring to my Mother-in-laws for our Sunday Labor Day outing. I bought a cartoon full and out of eight I only have two left. I will be eating them tomorrow as they are as juicy as I would like them to be. Next time, I think I'd pass on the bulk and look for them at the grocery store. They are definitely a treat I'll be looking for again. A cross between a plum and and apricot, they really have a small pit and are very easy to eat. Just a bit messy when they are over ripe.

After my weekend, I am sure that I'll be able to live with my new found lifestyle. There are always challenges that arise and I'm sure I won't be perfect all the time especially if my family keeps making rice krispie treats.

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Kathy said...

It sounds like you managed pretty well...it's only one day.
I have lightened up a lot of our favorite family recipes and I agree with you that a lot of times, no one would notice when you sub lighter ingredients...but there are recipes that just need to be left alone and you just save them for special occasions and try to eat less.