Monday, September 3, 2007

Marking the end of Summer

Happy Labor Day!

Today marks the unofficial end of the summer season. Fortunately, I like fall/autumn just as much if not more since the temperatures drop a bit and make it great to do outdoor activities. I am getting concerned about wintertime however. I've really enjoyed my early walks on the weekend, but I have a feeling that it will be much harder in 30 below weather. As long as I do the "mental rehearsing" and imagine myself walking with all the winter gear, I hope I'll be fine.

Labor Day is always a big family get together for our family. Inlaws, outlaws and all the in-between come and socialize with us at the Brewer Game. We are always in charge of bringing the same dish to pass, ours being a not-so-healthy taco salad. I am considering bringing something more point friendly so I know I won't overindulge too much. Here's to another great family BBQ and may the Brewers keep winning!


Skinny Guy said...

Autumn is definitely a great time of year, if only for the start of football season. I'm sure that once winter gets here you'll be ready to keep the walks going.

Is there any way to "lighten up" your taco salad a bit? You could also try a nice fruit salad, maybe with some fat free yogurt. Whatever you bring, I'm sure you'll do fine as long as you don't do any mindless eating.

Happy Labor Day!

Kathy said...

Fall is my favorite time of year and the best time to be outside...the air is so invigorating. I never get into football until the Super Bowl, but I can certainly see the appeal of tail-gating. I enjoy a good baseball game but Indianapolis is not known for baseball. No, guys! Fall is for the NASCAR chase...those last ten races that determine the cup winner for the that's exciting, doncha know?

TB--Milwaukee said...

I don't think my wife would go for lightening up the taco salad. I can get away with changing up things that she has never had before, but an old standby will not be touched.

I do enjoy a good NASCAR race, I usually watch the first 20 laps, take a nap and wake up just in time for the end. I have always rooted for Dale Jarrett, but I also have a spot for Matt Kenseth since he's from Wisconsin. NASCAR beats the heck out of the Indy cars anyday in my book.

Kathy said...

Amen, Brother! Just not into the open wheel!