Friday, September 28, 2007

Off at Noon

I work at a Nursing Home and there is a Children's Daycare there as well. I have two children that attend the daycare and come to work with me daily. Unfortunately, the daycare was closed early today allowing the teachers to attend a statewide conference for daycare teachers. I took a half a day off today to spend the afternoon with my three kids. My first grader also had a half-day today.

Well, we ate our way through the afternoon to say the least. They had all eaten at daycare or school and when I got home, I hadn't eaten lunch yet. I made a great lunch, a cod fillet, mushrooms and carrots, a cheesy potato and yogurt. Really was a low-point lunch. It was after lunch when the troubles started. My kids were looking for something to eat every 5 minutes. They ate popcorn, crackers, jello, yogurt, fruit snacks and finally we made peanut butter cookies.

Ah! The smell of those cookies haunted me. I did very well. I ate two cookies and my kids each ate a few and after dinner, I took them outside and offered them to our neighbors. I don't think we've ever offered our neighbors food before, so it was nice to be able to share the "fat."

Not a bad day, for being home most of the day alone with the kids.


Kathy said...

I'll bet they really enjoyed their time with Dad...that was worth a couple of cookies. The guys my Hubby works with love it when we're watching what we eat because all the leftover goodies from family dinners go to work with him and all his friends dive in.

S William said...

We do that a lot now. If no one takes the food, the garbage eats it.