Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weight Loss Resume

TB’s Journey

Objective: To obtain a healthy lifestyle that will allow me to remain active as a father raising three children along with exercising, eating wisely and making healthy choices.

* 33 years of life experience
* Lost 20% of my starting weight
* 22 weeks developing a healthy lifestyle
* Demonstrated a disciplined attitude, attention to detail through journaling, ability to take personal responsibility for actions and willingness to change as evidenced by losing over 55 pounds successfully

Spring 2007-Present Weight Watchers West Allis, Wisconsin
Professional Loser
* Attended weekly sessions to gain knowledge of the program.
* Implemented exercise into daily routine to increase activity level.
* Motivated other members through providing a quiet leader through example.

Fall 1992-Spring 2007 Life Experience Wisconsin
Overweight 33 year old
* Attended college and gained over 40 pounds in one year.
* Initiated little to no activity for several years.
* Consumed at least a six-pack of soda daily during college and at least a 12-pack weekly since.

Winter 1974-Fall 1992 Wonder Years Mayville, Wisconsin
* Lead a healthy childhood following parents example.
* Participated in several school activities including football, dramas, and musicals.
* Worked out 3x weekly both strength and cardio.
* Member of the Mayville High School 300 Club; able to bench press 300 pounds.

Member in good standing of GOAD (Guys on a Diet)
Daily routine includes 40 minutes on elliptical machine 6x weekly.
Walking at least 10,000 steps daily.
Playing with 3 children and keeping up with them.

References & Portfolio:
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