Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Small M&M

M&M's are really football fields. What does this mean? To find out walk with a small bag of plain M&M's onto a football field. Open the bag, take out one little M&M at the back of the end zone. Eat this one M&M it will last in your mouth about 10 seconds. Start to walk off your M&M by striding across the football field all the way into the far end zone (120 yards).

Congratulations! You just burned off one M&M.

Now turn around and look back at the goal post. If you're willing walk another football field, enjoy your second M&M. Just remember there are about 55 of those little sugar coated chocolates in every small bag.

And if you care not to walk, it takes approximately 10 minutes and 55 seconds to burn one M&M at rest.


Christine said...

Holy cow - that's an eye opener.

Shannon said...

Ughh.... now I can't eat M&M's. :) Thanks for the info and for your encouraging words on my blog!