Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Saturday, my family walked in the annual Memory Walk to support Alzheimer's. In the past, both my wife and I have pushed strollers so all three of our children would be able to ride. This year, we brought one double stroller meaning someone had to walk. It wasn't a pretty sight, but after a few games of "I SPY" and "Don't step on my head!" (the kids enjoyed trying to step on the shadow of my head), we made it. 3 miles! I walk that far usually before noon on most days, but Saturday seemed to be the longest 3 miles I've done. Maybe it's because we started at 10:40 when the rest of the walkers didn't start until 11:00 and we finished at 12:20 when most of the other walkers ended by 12:00. It was a success! My kids were troopers and were so worn out at the end of the day, they asked to go to bed.

I was able to pass on the hotdogs, which are not at all point-friendly. I tried melon for the first time and I kind of liked it. Who would have thought? I did have chips, but ate plenty of celery and carrots to make up for it.

The best part of the day was meeting up with old friends from nursing homes where I have previously worked. Many comments about my weight and one of my dear friends, Nancy, decided to nickname my "Skinnyrella." Not sure if I like that one, but it sure beats some alternatives.


Kathy said...

Trying to keep kids entertained is a real challenge...don't step on my head was a great idea.
Good for you passing up those hot dogs. They are on my "forget you ever knew them" list...like doughnuts, I have never been satisfied with just one.
I'll bet you must have felt a little proud to meet old acquaintances with a slimmer you...a great NSV.

Dee said...

I remember 'Don't Step on My Head'!!! :) I'd forgotten until now. Kid psychology! Times flies. D