Monday, October 8, 2007


I'm not sure if this is a normal feeling, but I've been avoiding dessert for so long that it seems I need it at every meal. For now, the Weight Watcher Ice Cream and Skinny Cow Ice Cream have seemed to do the trick, but what happens when I splurge for a custard at Cream City Custard? I pass it every night on my walk and usually have to stop inside to use the bathroom because it's a good half way point. I've been passing on the custard and going down the road to McDonald's for a small cone if I stop for anything. McDonald's cones are very "point friendly" but not as good as a real custard cone.

Last week, I took a group of residents out to lunch and I did splurge. I ordered a real piece of cheesecake. Peanut Butter Cheesecake! It was the best dessert I've had in over 6 months. I accounted for it and had plenty of points to cover it, but what happens when it happens again? And again? And again?

I want dessert! A real one! I've had enough fruit and fake ice cream for a life-time and I'm ready for the real thing again!

I'm sure this feeling too shall pass, but I want the world to know: I WANT DESSERT!


Kathy said...

One of the nice things about WW is being able to fit in real desserts once in awhile and still be on-plan. I never ate a lot of desserts even before WW and almost never eat them out...but I want my own pumpkin pie if I bake one...and my own homemade apple pie in the fall. That's what got me into funk land last week! But the high-fiber pumpkin muffins I made over the weekend are a 1-point version of pumpkin pie that satisfies me. Sometimes a substitution works,sometimes you can have just a bite of something and be satisfied, sometimes you can just wait out the desire to have something sweet, and sometimes you just have to plan a splurge.

S William said...

Cheesecake is a major weakness for me. I could eat it until I am sick, then eat some more.