Saturday, October 20, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween

I've been dreading Halloween for awhile now. The kids love going to so many houses and filling up their baskets twice over. Unfortunately, they're not much into the eating part. We still have an Easter basket on top of our entertainment center that is full of candy from that holiday. So I'll be disposing of that candy and replacing it with the Halloween candy soon.

We always hand out candy at home as well. I am usually in charge of this as my wife loves walking around visiting with the neighbors and she grew up in our neighborhood so she knows most everyone. I was thinking about passing out something different this year like pencils, trinkets or something that would not contribute to the candy overload, but when I checked out the prices it seemed too expensive. So it's Skittles and Starburst at our house this year. I will be taking the leftover candy to work the day after so I am not tempted. Not sure how I'll deal with the kids candy. I may have them pick some of their favorites and bring the rest to work as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Kathy said...

I always buy candy that I'm not particularly fond of and leave the Reese's at the store. We handed out microwave popcorn last year...caught some on sale and the kids liked the idea.

Dee said...

Put leftovers in the freezer? :) I've done that to alot of things! Or I put it away for Christmas stockings. We don't do halloween here but I do like to buy the cheap candy after the day -- but I always put it away for the stockings. D

john - from fat to fit said...

We just added up our kids' candy. My son hauled in 13.2 pounds worth. He only weighs 78!

There is WAY too much chocolate in the house for me right now, this can't end well.