Thursday, October 18, 2007

Week 25

Week 25: 206.4
Last Week: 206.6
Progress: Down .2
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 63.8
Average Weekly Loss: 2.55

Interesting meeting tonight, but I really didn't relate. We discussed dining out and the difficulty in ordering when going out. I had nothing to say since our family rarely goes out. If we do, it's to Subway or McDonald's and I have my favorite choices there that I know I can eat. Maybe as the kids grow older, we'll go out more, but right now it's not worth it since the kids don't finish what we feed them and I refuse to pay big bucks for a meal they won't eat.

Small loss this week, but I'm fine with it. Lots of people have been stopping me at work to tell me how good I'm looking and it definitely feels good to have your hard work noticed. Makes me want to work even harder to get below the 200 mark.


Kathy said...

Glad you're doing it more fall-like up there now? Have you decided what to do for exercise once winter hits?

TB--Milwaukee said...

Definitely fall-like now...Most of the leaves have fallen with some wicked wind and rain storms this week.

I'm still planning on getting 10,000 steps daily, but I'm not going to fret if it doesn't happen. I bought a great elliptical at the State Fair in August and I've been getting up early 6 times a week to exercise for 40 minutes. Hoping that will do!

Dee said...

Yahhhhhhhhh -- down!! Great job! I know what you mean about not eating out much. We have older kids but then it's much more expensive to eat out as a family. So we don't do it much, although now that they're older, we have more 'dates'! I can't eat a lot of restaurant food (and I hate being the picky person at the restaurant) so we often stick to the usual -- Swiss Chalet (cheaper but good), Wendy's (I can have a baked potato and their salad), or (if there's some extra $$$ this is an absolutely fav) The Keg. They cater to my needs (no gluten) so well -- they're awesome and their food is yum. I feel sorry for my DH because if I don't go out to eat, he doesn't get to much, but then again, he goes out w/ work many times. At least I save the calories... D

Skinny Guy said...

Alright, any loss is a good loss!

Part of my strategy for eating out is letting the server know up front that I'm going to be a pain in the neck ordering, then always make sure to tip according to how big of a pain I was, assuming the service was satisfactory.

Keep up the great work!

kborn said...

Mike and I always split meals when we eat out. Even if it's McD's or Wendy's or something similar. This is everything from the fries to the soda to the's cheaper and we don't overeat and we don't have to take leftovers home! If it would ever come to taking the kids out, it would be ordering even one meal for all three of them to split. It's all about portions, portions, portions and portions.
That's one thing about NYC and our new area here...the portions are HUGE. Seriously! There's a restaraunt down the block and we went there the other night. Meals come with beverage, salad or soup, dinner rolls and entree w/2 sides. Mike wasn't so hungry, so we split a meal (odd look from server but DEAL WITH IT).
The beverage was a 32 oz glass. The salad was about the equivalent of a head of lettuce (no lie) with shredded carrots and about 1/2 cucumber, and no FF dressing so went for oil & vinegar (we couldn't finish it!) The entree (turkey) was enough for both of us to eat for about 10 minutes...and I brought it home and ate it for lunch and then made a casserole that lasted 2 meals for the 2 of us (so 7 meals from the turkey portion--and 8 months pregnant eating house and home at most meals!). Additionally, the mashed pototoes and zucchini were enough for each of us to eat our fill, plus have leftovers.
And the sad thing is this is what most "americans" expect when they eat out and THEY EAT IT ALL IN ONE SEATING!!!
As far as the candy goes, no one in the house really needs it! Take most of it to work. The gals at work (when I used to work) would always bring in the kid's candy and we loved it! Everyone had a little at morning meeting...heck we even shared it with the residents. Now that's what I call and activity director "let's get hopped up on sugar...". :)
kb and bb