Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today, I added my Sister-in-law's blog to my list of blogs that I visit. She is not losing weight right now, more like gaining weight. Soon she'll be back to her skinny self though as she is due with her first "Born" in the middle of November. I'll be watching the updates and await the latest new arrival to our family. Seems like our family is growing faster than you can blink, must be something in the water lately as five new babies will be entering our family within the next 7 months (seeing if my family actually reads this thing and if they can figure out all the babies).

I've had a good few days, since my Halloween Party. I've snacked on some Halloween candy, but I accounted for all of it and stayed within my daily points. Yesterday, I did an extra workout on the elliptical. I woke up at my normal 5:30am and exercised for 30 minutes, but then during the Packer game I decided to do an extra workout so I wouldn't have to wake up early today. I've very glad that I did since the game went to overtime and it was so exciting that I had trouble calming down afterwards. Tomorrow, is Halloween and I'll be dressing up. There aren't many people that dress up at work, but we always have a special party for our residents and I feel obligated to make a fool out of myself. I'll let you in on my costume if I win a prize tomorrow.

Have a great Halloween and don't eat too many Peanut Butter Kisses and Candy Corn! I've had my share of candy corn already, can you believe there are 3.74 calories in each one of those little things, "Sugary Heaven!"


kborn said...

I miss having the residents roll their eyes at my costumes at work!! This year could've been fun with the big-ol' belly! Our activity director always came to work as Jane Fonda...yes, and it's 2007!!!!

We have our trick-or-treaters tonight--actually on Halloween is a new thing for me! I missed it every year in Minnesota because of work, but this year...trick or treat on Halloween! I'm excited! Excited to meet neighbors too!

Let me know if your family members are avid readers...they should get this clue!!!!

kb and bb

Kathy said...

My daughter called to tell me she was famous the other day. When I asked her just how she knew that, she said that someone in her company is coming dressed as her to the Halloween party...that's my girl...right up there with George Bush and Wonder Woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Got your blog from KT. Congrats on your continued progress!! Hope you continue to feel as good as you look!

Yes, "family" is reading this!!! 5 in 7, hey?!?!?!

:) Peachy

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. We're all really proud of you and ALL your latest accomplishments!! :) :) I'll tell Joe how many calories he's eating every day. He loves Candy Corn, too.

Mom R.