Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Feel Horrible!!

Ugh! Aw! Eeee! Ugh!

Today, the family attended a Halloween Party at my Sister-in-law's house. I was in charge of bringing the veggies and dip, which was a good thing because I brought veggies that I know I like and would eat a lot of. Well, I grazed a bit too much by the end of the night and my stomach is just turning. I hope I've learned a valuable lesson today. I don't need to eat "just because." Unfortunately, I didn't know anyone at the party and my best friend in that situation becomes the food! I ate meatballs, deviled eggs, mini nacho tacos, dirt cake, chocolate chip cookie bars and that was all before dinner.

Ugh! Aw! Eeee! Ugh!

I'm exaggerating a wee bit, all the appetizers ended up being my dinner, but I still ate way too much. I did track it all and write it down as soon as I got home, but the damage is done. I've done so well at the family parties that I have attended thus far including Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day/Tailgate Party, and many Birthday Parties. What made today different? I had every intention of watching what I was eating, but for some reason that I need to reflect on, the food became the focus once again. I'm hoping my body will recognize this as a way to shock it back into the losing mode.

Fortunately, I didn't eat any candy and I know I will be able to pass on it tomorrow as well as the "trick-or-treaters" come around.

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kborn said...

I didn't know you had a blog either!! Until I clicked on your "where you came from" log in my site counter/manager icon.
I get the same way when I eat too much. Except that NOW most of it goes to the parasite some call a fetus. :)
Congrats on the loss thus far! I can't wait to drop the 45# I've gained the last 8 months!
kb and bb