Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 23

Week 23: 208.0
Last Week: 211.4
Progress: Down 3.4
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 62.2
Average Weekly Loss: 2.70

Today was the last weigh in for my at-work challenge. I lost 18 pounds in the last two months and was one of four people through 1:00 today to make it to our goal. There were about 40 people involved, so it should be a good pay-day. Out of the 4 that had made their goal, 3 were in my department. Could be because we do some much walking daily. Today without taking any extra walks, I have topped 15,000 steps. That is not too unusual for a day with a special event going on. Escorting wheel chairs sure adds up the steps.

Lost 3.4 at my WW meeting tonight. We discussed what holds us back from making progress. I added to the conversation, even though it really didn't pertain to me. I am not having a problem so far staying motivated to get below 200. The biggest problem for most was getting sick of planning menus. I haven't had that happen yet either. Very rarely do I plan what I'm having beyond breakfast. I have been bringing my own lunch to work the last two weeks, and that has seemed to be a good thing. Planning around how many points I can eat for dinner, which is usually the meal I do not plan for, has helped me. I save a majority of my points for dinner and snacking and it seems to be working right now. I'll stick with it till I need another change.


Kathy said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement...I really appreciate the support of my blogger friends. I love reading your seem to leave emotion at the door when you approach this weight loss thing and you are definitely focused on your goal...I need to learn from that. Congrats on your great weight loss this're da man!!!

Skinny Guy said...

Great job, TB. You're really kicking butt there, bud!