Friday, October 5, 2007

This is Fun

I was intrigued today when one of my colleagues stopped me in the hall today. This is someone that normally does not speak much to me. Today, she stopped me to tell me I looked really good. She also asked me if I was having fun along the way. I've been thinking about it ever since. I actually am having fun. It's fun to plan out my breakfast and lunch at the start of the day. It's fun to challenge myself to get 15,000 steps everyday. It's fun to try to burn one more calorie than the day before on my elliptical. It's fun to hear all the great compliments from those around me that have noticed a difference, but can't always pin-point what it is. It's fun to be wearing looser fitting pants and to be able to buy smaller clothes. It's fun to be keeping a blog of random thoughts and to read about others journeys as well. It's fun to visit the Weight Watcher message boards to gain inspiration. This is fun!

I hope the fun continues. Losing weight is a blast, I hope maintaining the loss is just as gratifying!


Skinny Guy said...

The NSVs have definitely been the most fun part of this journey, and I do enjoy writing my blog as well as reading other "loser's" blogs. And I agree that the whole clothes thing, while expensive, is fun. Don't know if I agree about the planning being fun. Only necessary. Same thing goes for tracking. I think one of the things I'm having the most fun with is cooking, though. I love throwing random ingredients together and not only producing something edible, but something that's delicious and healthy!

Kathy said...

I'm a true believer in enjoying life every step of the way and that includes my weight-loss journey. I wouldn't follow a plan that made me miserable...and the compliments and new clothes are a great bonus.

Dee said...

Good question!!! Lately mine has been frustrating, but yah, eating well and enjoying life IS FUN! D