Monday, November 19, 2007


I never owned a pair of Levi's in my life. For one, I tried them on a long time ago and they never fit quite right. And for another reason, on the back waist, both the waist size and inseam size are stamped on the Levi logo. Why in the world would I want to advertise that my waist size was 42" and my inseam only a 30"? Over the course of the years, I stopped wearing jeans altogether. When I started buying size 42" pants, I just never got around to getting a pair of jeans. Well this weekend, I bought a pair. I tried on several different brands and settled on a pair of carpentar pants that seemed a bit more roomy where I wanted them to be roomy and tight where I wanted them to be tight. I really didn't even pay attention to the back of the pants until I got home and realized they were Levi's. Fortunately, there is no Levi logo on the back waist, but if there was I would be proud to show off my new 33x30's. Seems the stigma of having my waist size branded on the back of my jeans has worn off and I will proudly wear my Levi's.


Kathy said...

Now that would be an incentive to keep your weight down, wouldn't it??? Everyone going around with the size printed on their butts?

Skinny Guy said...

Good job on the jeans! I'm just the opposite, I live in my jeans, usually Wranglers because they're more "economical." That part of it came into play a little more as I was losing, since I went through a bunch of sizes.