Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Tuesdays with Morrie"

Christine of Finding Myself commented on this book in her blog yesterday. I'm been reading this book in the book club at the nursing home that I work at. After the first few chapters, I was concerned about the content being to close to home. Talking about death is usually not done in a nursing home even if someone in the nursing homes dies, they are usually not talked about or mentioned much as to not upset the other residents. I have been surprised about the book and will have many memories of the discussions that it brought about. During one chapter, Morrie talks about what animal he would like to be. I really can't remember what he chose, but the discussion that followed was very memorable. We discussed about the craziest animals and what would be good or bad about being them. I decided I would be a Turtle: with a tough outer shell, but a soft side as well. Not to mention, they usually have a long life and take everything in "stride" so to speak. One resident's response will stick with me forever. Out of no where, Margaret King shouted, "I'd like to be an elephant!" When asked why, she said because they're smart, big, strong and like to eat! I have to say, I definitely agree with her responses. The next day after our book club, Margaret was gone. Passed away in her sleep! Makes me wonder if she's hanging out with the elephants somewhere now.

Lots of important issues are discussed in the book and it definitely gets you thinking about exactly what we take for granted and if losing weight is actually THAT important. It's family, friends, relationships that are focused on in the book. Cherish the moments you have, and take care of yourself so that you can have many more moments to come!


Kathy said...

I worked several years on our hospital's oncology floor and then in hospice...the one thing I discovered is that each of us faces life and death differently and the best thing I could do was honor and respect each person in their approach to the subject.

As to where diet fits in the scheme of things, I remember a co-worker telling me once that she ate well and exercised routinely not to prolong her life as much as to make it a better life while she was alive...quality over quantity. I still try to remember that anytime I say I'm too old to worry about it...I still want to be able to walk without pain and take care of my own house...those things mean more to me than how much longer I have to live.

Christine said...

Yah! Great blog today. Turns out we have alot more in common. Working in long term care as well - caring for folks MY age with MS, ALS, and other mind numbing illnesses. It really makes you think and it really makes you appreciate every single day.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement you have been leaving on my blog! My world has been upside-down recently, but I finally got a chance to check out your blog today. I really look forward to seeing how things unfold for you!!!!!