Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tidbits for the Week

Today is my anniversary. 7 years can go so fast. I don't know where the time has gone. We've had 3 children that are turning out all right. We've bought a house, car, switched jobs, went back to college. Gone to family functions, weddings, funerals, and countless birthday parties. Through it all, we've always enjoyed food. Friday night, we went out for an Anniversary Dinner at TGI Fridays. I ordered a great Key West Shrimp dish with grilled shrimp and steamed broccoli. My wife on the other hand, ordered mozzarella sticks, a cheeseburger and fries and two new mini dessert mousse served in shot glasses. My wife got a Chocolate Mint mousse and a Peanut Butter Cup mousse. I know she did that on purpose since she knows I like peanut butter and couldn't resist. She tried a bite and left the rest for me. It was a great evening and I actually enjoyed going out, which we haven't done much since I've embraced eating healthier.

Other notes
Can't believe it, but a radio station here in Milwaukee started playing Christmas music on November 1st. What makes it worse is that I'm actually enjoying it. I've had it on while I'm on the elliptical and it goes me moving.

The News
And oh hey, baby #4 is on the way. Due in late family is actually reading this as the word has spread all the way to Missouri pretty fast too ;)


kborn said...

Happy anniversary!

Kathy said...

Congrats on everything...that's a lot of good news for one post!!!

Dee said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats on the new baby! I kinda miss those days -- nothing like little ones to snuggle up to! Enjoy! D

Christine said...

Congrats on the upcoming addition to your family! And happy anniversary too!

I started Christmas shopping - and have even wrapped a couple of gifts. I tend to get excited about Christmas - my birthday is New Years Eve - so I don't see another gift for 12 months - so December is a good month for me. :)

Skinny Guy said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on the addition to the family!

I can't stand Christmas music this early in the season. I've always been a traditionalist - the Christmas season doesn't start until Black Friday.