Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oreos vs. Pedometers

Opps, sorry about that, here's the right link!

"John is Fit" is having a grand give away I am Giving Away a Pedometer. His thinking is that it will get more people to visit his blog. I'm thinking an oreo giveaway would have created much more buzz.

Top Five Reasons You Bought a Pedometer!
5. It helps me keep track of how many steps I take daily, Duh!
4. I love the stylish look it creates by wearing it on my belt.
3. It comes in handy when you need a clock.
2. It will keep you accountable for reaching daily goals.
1. You forgot what that thing is called that tells you the temperature and bought a pedometer by mistake.

Top Five Reasons To Buy Oreos instead of a Pedometer!
5. There are a lot more oreos that come in a pack.
4. If you dunk an oreo in milk it only gets better.
3. It is so much easier to eat an oreo than a pedometer.
2. Have you ever seen a double stuffed pedometer, I don't think so.
1. One word: Chocolate.


Kathy said...

Silly Guy!

john - from fat to fit said...

LOL, I think we got a Top 5 entry here. Nice job!

Dee said...

Love it! D