Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pink Pajamas and Remembering Last Christmas

Link to Christmas Story and the Pink Pajamas

Yesterday, I made a comment on Kathy's Blog about her handmade sweaters for her grandchildren. If you haven't seen them, they are really cute. She also gave them funny glasses to wear along with them and it just reminded me of this clip from "A Christmas Story." Ralphie gets some pajamas from his Aunt and I'm sure he would have been grateful to receive some glasses to hide behind. I hope I didn't offend her, by comparing her to Ralphie's Aunt, because Kathy's sweaters were something that could actually be worn in public, not like Ralphie's PJ's.

My wife's family had done homemade/handmade presents for several years, but for the last few years, we have done away with that tradition. I do have to say it was fun to make things as presents and it seems to mean more in the long run, since I still remember the gifts we both received and gave. On the other hand, can't remember what my wife got me last year, but luckily I'm not alone as I saw this on the news this week Brits Can't Remember Last Christmas. Made me feel better about not remembering what I got my wife either.

It also makes me think, food isn't everything. I'll eat something today, but by tomorrow, I'll forget what exactly I ate. And if you ask me what we had last Christmas, I could give you the main dish, but beyond that, I'm lost. I am going to start remembering that food is like Christmas presents: soon I'll forget what it was that I really wanted.


Kathy said...

No offense here, friend...I thought your comment was funny and told my family all about it. And Christmas Story and Gene Shepherd are high on the list of fun things in our house.

I totally agree that all those things you think are so special to eat usually end up being average at best. I think it is our memories that make them sound so good and sometimes our memories of them are better than the actual items.

We had a "White Elephant" exchange at our family's Christmas dinner last year and the cherished item that every one fought over was a $5 musical car that bounced up and down when you pushed a button. We love "fun" things and always try to include them in our celebrations.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll start up the "home-made" gift tradition for next year. I miss it, too. The last couple of years have been hectic for everyone, but let's take the time to do it this year!

Mom R.

cb-westallis said...

I got you that blanket last year.. The one you always take and say.. "My Blanket" thanks to my mom, i got my own this year!! :) Love ya bunches!!