Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Successful Family Party

I was a bit scared to attend our extended family Christmas today as I know there are always snacks readily available. I was extremely disciplined and held off on the snacking while waiting for dinner. Instead of snacking, I actually conversed with relatives. Imagine that, actually putting family in front of food. I had some good conversations about renovating a home, since both I and my wife's cousin have converted duplexes into single family homes. I discussed gluten allergies with another cousin, who had problems his whole life, but did not get diagnosed with the allergy until about 6 years ago. I had been interested in this since reading D's Health and Weight Loss Journey and hearing about her allergy. I was amazed to find out the simplest things from him that bother him, such as tooth paste, shampoo, and other household products that contain gluten. That is definitely one allergy I am glad I don't have to worry about.

Our dinner was not at all point friendly either including assorted dinner rolls, pork tenderloin, homemade Polish sausage, Waldorf salad, layered jello, cheesy potatoes, another potato choice, which was much more friendly as it was gluten free, a small bowl of beans and a small bowl of corn along with the vast array of snacks including chips and more chips, popcorn, carmel corn, nuts, snack mix, etc. I decided to have two rolls with pork and some potatoes and veggies. I did as I planned by only filling my plate once and throwing it out as soon as I was done as not to allow myself a chance to talk myself into going back for seconds. I did indulge in two bites of cheesecake, but I had planned on doing so since it is something I rarely get.

All in all, it was a successful dinner with the choices available. I am a little disappointed in the snacking I did after dinner as I know I was doing it only because it was there, not because I was hungry.


Anonymous said...

Everyone in the family commented on how good you looked. You deserved those two bites of've earned it. We'll do our best to have healthy choices for you on Christmas Eve. You're doing great...setting an example for all of us. The holidays are hard on're not alone!

Mom R.

noelle said...

That is a true benefit for us not having much family tends to just be the 8 of us and I do all the food so I can control what is and isn't around.

Sounds like you did great!!! Think about how much snacking you did in the past AND the seconds or thirds you had. Definite improvement this year I'm sure!

Dee said...

Interesting -- I'd love to hear more about your cousin's story. It took more than 30 years for me to get a diagnosis! (and I still don't have a definate one -- but we do know that I have problems w/ gluten, whether it's celiac or gluten intolerance is what we're working on now -- waiting for genetic testing to arrive in Canada).

If I use shampoo that has wheat germ oil in it or any form of wheat, I get blistery sores on my neckline. I can't have communion bread at church. Medications often contain gluten. Even some drinks (like fruit drinks, not juices) are thickened w/ starches, some of which can be wheat. How about yogurts, which are sometimes thickened w/ wheat...most have corn starch now, which is okay. The list goes on and on! It's not just the obvious stuff like bread, it's anything w/ a sauce and some other things. BUT, I'm not sick any longer (as long as I stay away from gluten).

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Good for you on eating well at the party. It IS easier for me to not eat tempting things if (a) they have gluten or (b) I can't read the ingredient lists! D