Sunday, December 2, 2007


I took a walk to church this morning and noticed three different sidewalks. The sidewalks that had been shoveled yesterday were completely a sheet of ice. The sidewalks not shoveled at all were slushy and hard to walk through. The sidewalks, like mine, shoveled this morning were drying and easy to walk on.

I will not be going for another walk since most of the sidewalks I walk are city sidewalks and I doubt they will be plowed today. I got plenty of exercise shoveling for a good 1/2 hour before church and another 1/2 hour after church. One thing that I did not plan on when I put the fence around our backyard was the difference it made in my snow removal. I used to shovel a bunch of snow into our garden, which is now fenced in. I'm hoping there is a lot of melting between all of our snowfalls otherwise I will be creating some high piles.

Happy December, last December 1st we had 10 inches of snow, this year only about 4, but it was very wet and heavy. Don't see myself getting a snow blower anytime soon though! I like the exercise.

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Anonymous said...

A big hill of snow would be fun for the kids to sled down!!