Saturday, December 1, 2007


Today is the first big snowfall of the year. It started snowing just as the West Allis Christmas Parade was about to begin. It really did make for a beautiful setting. It is cold and snowy and our family has been in a sick mode this week. My oldest daughter has an ear infection and our other two kids are still battling colds. My wife is pregnant...enough said!

We have all gone to bed early this week, which has helped with not snacking in the evening, but it's the rest of the day that has been a killer this week. I really should have thought of a different mantra for the week because the "No mindless eating!" has seemed to make me want more and more without thinking. I shall go on and make the better choice. I know there are so many things I am doing well, but I hate making dumb choice that I regret making as soon as I make them.

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