Sunday, January 6, 2008

Get Some Fresh Air

Found this interesting article The Fresh Air Fix and it makes some interesting suggestions as to how to get more fresh air. I’m sure if my wife reads it, she’ll be sending me outside for the summer sleep out in the backyard with the kids.

My wife and I took our three kids to the Milwaukee County Zoo yesterday. While walking through the zoo, my 6 yr. old commented that it had been a long time since she was outside. When we thought about it, she hadn’t been outside “All year!” Grant you, the year is only 5 days old, that still seems like a long time to be inside. I think she was talking about playing outside, since we had gone out shopping and running other errands a few days this week. I know when I go outside for a walk or just to take the trash out, get the mail, etc. I feel so much better when I go back inside. The fresh air seems to invigorate me. The kids seem to feel much better with the fresh air as well and it makes them sleep like babies at night as well.

After going to the zoo, my daughters and I played in the backyard. We threw snowballs onto the sidewalk and watched them “splat” and I threw snowballs onto the slide and they had a great time sliding down in the snow. I will definitely try to get the kids to go outside at least for a while a few times a week.

The last two days, I have braved the cold Wisconsin winter and gone out for a walk. It really isn’t the cold that bothers me. It’s the snow and ice on the sidewalks that keep me inside. I remember walking in late November when the temps were just as cold as they are now, but there was no ice on the sidewalks.

I am going to add talking a walk outside to my goals for the year. I would like to get a walk outside at least 3 times weekly. Sometimes I know this will just not be practical, but it’s a reasonable goal for the year and it will help reduce stress, keep me thinker sharper and focused.


noelle said...

Good for you for getting out with the kids. I was cleaning and rearranging furniture yesterday but we opened a few windows and that was great too to get the fresh air in here.

Glad you have been walking. I do mind the cold. I just don't enjoy being cold. And it's so hard to be motivated to get up in the dark and go out in the cold for that walk though I know I would enjoy it in the long run. If I'm not too cold that is.

You inspire me.

Kathy said...

I notice as I read these blogs that when people get closer to their goals or actually reach Lifetime, that they begin working on other areas of their life and set even more goals. Isn't that great? The weight loss just sets off a chain reaction of wanting all areas of our lives to be better. You sound like the "bestest dad ever"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, tb. Wish now we had gone for that walk. The temp was higher than I thought, and I would feel better now if I had gone out for a walk with you. Look at your blog: are you "talking a walk"? Sorry, but have to correct yur english, or your typo.
tb father-in-law

Getting Real said...

Just been looking through your blog, thanks for being an inspiration

Anonymous said...

All right!! How many times are we going camping this summer? I know a great place in Grafton.. indoor plumbing and electrical that will work out great. I'll be sure to put reservations in for mid July-- :)love- the wife

kborn said...

Get the kids out too!! Great idea! Even when I take Quinn with me on my walks (she's just chillin' in the stroller), she sleeps so much more sound and longer!! YAY!

Hope the tornados missed y'all!!!