Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekly Update

This Week: 191.4
Last Week: 189.4
Progress: Up 2
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 78.8

I've decided to get rid of my numbered weeks. When I reach lifetime, and that is WHEN not if, I will start anew with Week 1. This week was interesting since I was able to add 4 points to my daily points. Went a little over board with my wife's birthday. I'll blame it on the angel food cake this week. It was worth it. I have readjusted my daily points and have taken the 4 points away from myself since I would like to lose a few more pounds anyway. I would like to get to 180-185. After that, I'll readjust once again.

Tonight's meeting focused on the Super Bowl. I have no desire to watch it since my Packers lost such a heart breaker. We talked about having a good offense and a good defense pertaining to food. A good offense would include coming to a party prepared, maybe eating before hand, making sure you bring something healthy to the party. A good defense included sitting far away from the food, drinking plenty of water.

The meeting tonight had many less people than the previous few weeks. Have people already stopped coming after making their resolutions?


Kathy said...

I've noticed a lot of fall-off on the blogs too. It is so hard to stick with a new plan for the long haul...we've all been there.

It's always interesting to me to see how people handle really is a balancing act. Jonathan had a great post on it today.

noelle said...

Maintenance has been a lot harder than I thought it would be for sure. I lost my first couple weeks but have now gone up a little and I'm really having a hard time getting the motivation to get back down.

Kudos to you for sticking to your goals!