Monday, January 21, 2008

What are You Looking Forward to?

Kathy had an interesting post yesterday about maintenance and those bloggers that are practicing maintenance. My post yesterday included something I am now looking forward to.

What got me thinking is the need for me to look forward to something. I am now looking forward to my wife's birthday (1/25), then my birthday (2/3), then as Kathy reminded me, the start of racing, and the start of Baseball season, etc. Throughout my weight loss journey, I have had certain points to look forward to, 10%, every 5 pounds, 25, 50 then 75 lbs., and now my goal weight. After I reach my goal, what will I have to look forward to in my weight loss journey. I am afraid that I will get lazy and decide that I'm not enjoying the maintenance journey and will fall into bad habits again.

I am struggling with the need to look forward to something and will keep thinking about what my next stop along the journey will be.


Kathy said...

A lot of people take up running and entering marathons, joining sports leagues. Were you into athletics in your younger days?

noelle said...

Since I'm in that place I'll tell you what I am looking forward to. SPRING and being able to get out and walk again. I am really considering doing the CP25K once it gets decent weather here.

Other than that, I look forward to getting on the scale each morning and being relatviely happy with the number I see. Even though I am above what I would like to be at, 156 is still sooooo much better than 193!

Skinny Guy said...

Besides the warm weather, I'm looking forward to this May which will mark my 1 year anniversary at goal, June which will mark my 1 year anniversary at lifetime AND the 1 year anniversary of my blog, and somewhere around the end of August/beginning of September should mark the date where I will have kept the weight off for the same amount of time that it took me to lose it.

Other than that, I'm just looking forward to living a healthy life for a long, long time.

IAAdmin said...

Is there life after a weight loss? Are we forever on a "journey?" I think life is a journey; watching our children grow up and change, changing jobs, looking at your face in the mirror as it changes, moving to a new place, or maybe something as simple as reading a new book.

Change is part of the journey. Your next stop along the journey isn't yours, it's your wife's or your children's. It's you being healthy and watching with pride as they achieve their goals. But, along the way, they will be looking to their father as a role model for how to set a goal, achieve it, and then, maintain it.

Many times, parents under estimate their influence in their children, and your journey, even the "end" is and will continue to be a life long lesson for your children.

Wow, I think I've rambled long enough...........

Keep up the good work.

TB--Milwaukee said...

I will definitely mark my anniversaries and keep heading toward a healthy lifestyle.

Being a parent is a great journey and I may focus my attention more on that journey, but I know I will struggle with food forever and will need to continue on this journey as well.

Exercising and looking for a new challenge in that regard may be a good option.