Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Video Games and Losing Weight

Found an interesting article entitled Can Video Games Improve Your Health?. I hate video games, always have. My wife, on the other hand, could sit her Nintendo DS all day without giving the rest of the family the time of day. In fact, she has on occasion been so lost in her game that she has not been able to answer simple questions while playing. Even the game system, Wii, does not appeal to me personally. A lot of guys on the WW message boards have been asking about getting "activity points" for playing the Wii. I just have to think if you're playing in your living room, there can't be much physical activity going on. I have heard that when you play boxing, you do work up quite a sweat. I'll keep exercising the way I have and let others continue having the fun and trying to exercise with a video game.

Has anyone ever tried the Wii gaming system? Would you consider it a good form of exercise?

Tuesday Tip of the Day
Check out a restaurant's website/menu before going and place an order in your head before you even get there.

This has saved me the frustration at the restaurant of looking through the menu. I don't even open the menu anymore for fear of unneeded temptations.


Dee said...

You know, I am not a TV person, movie person and especially not a gaming person BUT, the Wii system was at the cottage that we went to in September and I LOVED it! They only had the sports package and it was sooooooooo much fun -- if we had the money, we would have purchased Wii at Christmas for the family! It was great fun and my arms were sore after playing baseball, golf, and bowling for hours! I wouldn't say that it's the same as outdoor playing, or as fun, but it was really fun to play games (such as bowling) inside, and to not have to go anywhere to play it or pay anything to play it! It really was fun family time.

Wii is also neat for when you have company over -- I'm thinking perhaps older grandmas/grandpas who normally would not go bowling say -- my MIL and FIL played w/ us and it was hilarious! They loved it too and asked how much a Wii system would cost!

My vote: Yes to Wii! And this from a NON-gamer! :)


Kathy said...

Intellagirl and Nurse Lara both have Wii's and their families love them. I don't think making the motion of bowling is the same as lifting that heavy ball and throwing it. I have seen that nursing homes are using them for their residents...in that case, something is better than nothing. The kids are pretty darn good on the guitar gadget, though!

noelle said...

We have a Wii and it really is a fun family thing to do. It's not the same as working out, but if you are getting up and down to take your turn at whatever game, then it's more active than just watching a movie.

Boxing IS pretty intense, too. It's a constant activity and my hubby can really feel it in his arms afterward.

A dance pad is a good workout too, but I am so uncoordinated that I just get frustrated.

coyotewhiskers (from GoaD) said...

Good tip about eating out. Also, CONGRATS again on making your goal weight!

Kery said...

I haven't tried the Wii system, but I have a DDR clone (Stepmania) installed on my PC, and a USB dance mat to plug in. I wouldn't base ALL my exercise on that, but sometimes, when it's really cold/rainy, the gym is closed and I'm tired of doing the same old leslie Sansone workout, I do some "dancing" this way. It's fun for a while.