Saturday, February 23, 2008

Family Product

So Does Your Mommy Love It? is having a group writing project. Doesn't really have to do with weight loss, but has to do with family activity. What is our one family product that we could not live without? I'm been thinking about this one all day and asked my kids and wife. My kids had tons of answers like crayons, and markers and paper, CD's, games, toys, etc. My wife did not give it much thought. I was apparently in the housework frame of mind and thought of our awesome Maytag Front Loading Washer and Dryer. This washer and dryer is huge and has allowed us to spend more quality time together versus spending so much time on laundry. Our old washer and dryer was so small and now we fit almost two loads in one. The best part has been the pedestals. We debated about getting them, but went out appliance shopping today and were reminded at how much we love them. Our kids help with the laundry by loading and unloading and filling the detergent and adding the dryer sheets. They fight over who gets to press the start button as Mommy has taught them how they need to count to three before letting the button go. It definitely is a great product that I couldn't imagine living without now.

Now that I think about, maybe one of the reasons I don't do as many loads of laundry is because I have shrunk and so have my clothes!


Lisa said...

It's great to enjoy more time with your family. Just wait, pretty soon your kids will get to DO the laundry, which will give you even more time.

Jennifer said...

We just got our own front loaders for Christmas and sooo... wish we had the pedastals too.

Aunt LoLo said...

OOhh....SO jealous of your front-loader! When I was pregnant it was SO hard to do the laundry...I couldn't reach the socks in the bottom of the washer basket!! Maybe that's why oompa loompas make chocolate and not clean socks...

Kathy said...

Good purchase on your part! And bring up those kids to help out with the housework...they'll be better for it.

workout mommy said...

I love mine too except I decided against the pedestals, a decision I regret.

zabs from said...

there is nothing like having a great washer/ dryer!! Thanks for participating in the contest!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could convince your FIL that I need a pedestal for my washer and dryer...I'm getting too old to bend down that far!!! Of course, it is good exercise, I guess.... I still want one, though.


Anonymous said...

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