Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Cancelled my Weight Watcher Monthly Pass

I am now a Weight Watcher employee.

Too bad I did it a few days too late. Went online to cancel it, but I'm paid through March. I think I should be able to get reimbursed after I hit lifetime in two weeks or after I complain enough. Weight Watchers employees receive etools as a benefit, which would be all I needed after reaching lifetime.

Today, was my first day of training to become a Weight Watcher staff. I learned the ins and outs of processing members. Ugh! The CHAMP system is the computer system used. It's an acronym meaning something to do with membership processing, can't remember what the CHA stands for. Anyway, it did go well and I got to sneak in an extra weigh in this week as I had to send in some paperwork and one of the requirements was an updated weigh in. I lost what I gained plus a pound. Must have been a fluke weigh in on Thursday.

I thought I knew enough about computers and I probably do, but the examples given in the training made me feel like I was back in grade school doing word problems: If member X pays with a monthly pass, buys two packs of Chocolate Carmel bars, and a Jan/Feb Magazine, how do you figure out the transaction? It definitely showed me that the receptionists and leaders have a lot to worry about and should be appreciated more than they are.

I will be writing a thank you card out and giving one to the receptionist and my leader at my regular meeting, if I ever get back. My wife has informed me that I may miss this week as well.

Happy Saturday, enjoy the Daytona 500 as I will be back at another WW training session tomorrow. Learning more about inputting membership data while it snows another 7-12 inches. At this point, I'm hoping that we get another 30 inches so we can be the snowiest winter in Wisconsin history. So far, 73 inches and in 13th place. After another 7 inches we'll jump into 4th place.

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Kathy said...

I have a whole new appreciation for those girls at the weigh-in desk after reading your post.

I can't imagine suffering that much snow for such a long time! Good luck!