Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Foods

Boca Chili is a nice spicy treat. It's loaded with fiber with 12g. Has 150 calories and 1g of fat. I have tried it a few times, but the serving size is a little on the small side to consider it a full meal. The Boca Burgers on the other hand have become a great addition to my quick meal ideas. They have 70 calories, .5g of fat and 4g of fiber. I usually eat two of them and eat them on an open faced bun, meaning I use half the bun for each burger. I haven't had a "real" burger for a long time now.

When I started WW, it was a goal of mine to not change what I was eating, just change how I was eating. The Boca Burgers were not a part of my pre-WW diet, and I have just recently started eating them more often. I have had to change more of what I was eating than I thought to accommodate for a healthier lifestyle. I am OK with that as long as the food continues to taste good. Boca Burgers are something that will continue to be a part of my diet especially considering their nutritional value compared to ground beef.


Kathy said...

I really liked the Boca chili, but like you, I thought the serving size was small so I put mine on top of a bed of lettuce and made a taco salad out of it. I love Boca burgers and am lucky enough to find them at Aldis at a good price. I also like the Amy's line of food but it is a little pricey in my opinion.

BTW...Kasey Kahne drives the #9 and inherited Junior's Budweiser sponsership!

noelle said...

I've never had the chili, but I like Boca burgers too. I realized that I want I really wanted with a burger was ketchup and pickle relish so I put that on a boca on a 1 pt English muffin and my craving gets satisfied!