Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

It's a "once every four years" kind of day today. I celebrated by going to a Friday Fish Fry. In Wisconsin, we take our fish fry seriously. My MIL and FIL took us to a "Catholic Fish Fry." Now, what exactly is the difference I will not know, however that's how it's advertised. Many churches have a fish fry on Fridays during Lent. St. Mary's in Port Washington was our destination. They served baked fish, fried perch, fried cod, fried shrimp, fried potato wedges, and fried hash browns. They did have a nice salad bar that really would have been enough for me, but I indulged. It's Leap Day! I took baked fish and one hash brown, but went on to nibble on my 3 yr. olds plate. I am getting ready to buckle down for the weekend as I have money riding on my next weighin. Tuesday is the final weighin for my at-work weight loss challenge. 45 people are involved and if I can stay at 188 I should be good. I started the challenge at 194 and set a goal of 6 pounds.

Happy Leap Day!


Anonymous said...

Oh sure, just rub it in that you had a fish fry!! Actually in our 10+ years here, our Church has come a long way. The first year it was fish patties and sticks from Sam's. Now it includes baked and fried fish and shrimp. YUM! Unfortunately, they only have a fish fry twice a year during Lent. Now, I'm going to go to bed dreaming of a Tanner Paul fish fry with mashed potatoes and cabbage, and I'll wash it all down with Sprecher rootbeer on tap. Oh my!!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
:) Peachy

AndrewE said...

Fish fry sounds mighty good.

I hope you win your weigh in challenge.

I've had to move my blog to as my other site is not responding due to technical difficulties with my webhost. Could you update your link please?

noelle said...

My dad does awesome fried fish. Thankfully he's in Iowa and I'm not or I'd be eating too much of that.

You are doing so great with maintenance. That work challenge should be easy for you!

Kathy said...

The last time I went to a fish fry in our area, the fish turned put to be fish squares on a bun...truly disappointing! I was ready for the kind we used to throw at our church when I was a teenager! I love fried fish but settle for baked or grilled 90% of the time now. Good luck on the challenge at work! It's always fun to win money.