Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weekly Update

This Week: 188
Last Week: 197.2
Progress: Up .8
Starting Weight: 270.2
Total Weight Loss: 82.2

Made it to my meeting last night, but that was about it. Came home and hit the sack early. My little guy, Alex, has been trying out a "big boy" bed. Every night for the last week or so, we've been putting him in the big bed. It's a "one time out and you're in the crib" deal so far. He has cried every night when put in his crib, but we're not going through laying in bed with him for 5 yrs. like we did the first one.

Well, last night was a break though. After several nights of getting out of bed, he finally realized that his big bed was no different than his crib and he remained in it all night. I even went to check on him when putting our 6 yr. old to bed. He still wasn't sleeping, but he stayed in bed.

Maybe it is true what they say about habits. Practice it long enough and it will become second nature. A habit that I would like to form is not snacking at night unless I really "feel" hungry. It has been a habit to grab something after the kids are in bed as a reward for finally getting them settled. I think I need to change my reward to something like, checking in on blogland, or watching the Discovery Health Channel for a 1/2 hour. I'll keep you updated.


After three weeks, the candy bars are gone. I have one left that we may share for supper tonight. I do admit, I finally give in last week and after my five pound loss of last week, I splurged with 2 candy bars.


Kathy said...

When you are going through that stage in a kid's life you start to wonder if they're going to come home from dates and climb into bed with you or be the one kid who actually goes to middle school still wearing diapers!!!

I took a look at your weight and thought you really lost this week!!! but it appears to be a typo...I was worried about you at first.

Dee said...

I saw the typo too!! LOL

Oh, I well remember those days too! I know that sticktoitiveness works, but I wasn't always ambitious when I wanted them asleep!!!

What about a cup of tea (green tea or have you tried white tea??) as a treat before bed? I love mine!

Anonymous said...

Guess that was a typo

Last week 187.2


noelle said...

My little guy gets out of bed and sleeps with his sister/roommate...unless she's already in my bed then he roams the house looking for her!

Glad you caught your typo. I was sooooo confused!