Tuesday, March 25, 2008

5 Weeks

Five weeks sounds like such a LONG time. What can be accomplished in five weeks? Five weeks is 35 days plenty of time to start a new habit, plenty of time to lose 4-8 pounds, plenty of time to time a new recipe, read a good book, start an exercise program, etc. But is it enough time to redo an entire kitchen? Apparently so! Today, I received the schedule for our kitchen remodel starting April 21. Demo, framing, rough plumbing and rough electrical the first week. Inspections the following week followed by 6 work days of drywalling. Leaves us three days to paint followed by cabinet installation, floor installation, finishing the electrical and waiting one week for the counter tops. How will this gone done? It seems so overwhelming.

Just as a long term weight loss goal seems so overwhelming. Now that I see the schedule it makes so much more sense. Short term goals and following a plan will get you where you want to be. I will definitely be interested to see if this project stays on plan. I'll take pictures along the way as I am SO excited to be finally getting a new kitchen. Everyday I have been standing in the kitchen preparing my oatmeal wondering how we've managed to utilize our kitchen with no cabinets or counter top space for 8 years. It will make making healthy meals a much easier process.


LisaN said...

A kitchen is the center of most homes, and as your kids grow, it will become more so.

Have fun in the new kitchen, and I can hardly wait to see the pictures.......:)

Anonymous said...

Hey. Happy easter to yah! I am getting back on the wagon - weighing in on April 1st - no matter what the weight is. Looking forward to keeping an eye on you too!

kborn said...

It will be a tough 5 weeks without the kitchen and stay away from wherever the fridge will be relocated too! :) Can't wait to see it in July...and hopefully it'll be done before your trip to the hospital for Brefka #4!

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon you will be standing in the living room making your oatmeal.. getting water from the bathroom sink.. Get REady!!