Thursday, March 27, 2008

Take 5

I was reminded yesterday to take 5 minutes to reflect about how far I have actually come. This month has been a tough one. I'm maintaining fine, but the urge to overeat will always be there. Take 5 minutes to think about what you have changed. What are 5 things that have changed within the last 5 months?
1. 5 months ago~I was 2 pants sizes bigger than I am today and now I have given all my "big" pants away so there is no temptation to head back to them.
2. 5 months ago~I was just finding out that baby #4 was on the way, what a difference 5 months can make!
3. 5 months ago~I was trying to get under 200 for the first time in 15 years and now I am looking at the weight I was in high school.
4. 5 months ago~I was walking an average of 11,000 steps daily and I have raised my average over 1,000 now.
5. 5 months ago~I was just getting ready for winter by digging out our garden and raking our leaves and now I have survived the WORST snowfall total in Wisconsin since 1879.


Kathy said...

Now I'm depressed! My last 5 months pale in comparison to that list! Very impressive.

workout mommy said...

that is a list of 5 things to be very proud of! (well, except #5 because that just stinks!)

Keep it up!!!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Stopping and reflecting is usually quite helpful.

You've done awesome.

Matt Keeling said...

As Andrew pointed out, reflection is incredibly important. Hard to realize where you are if you have forgotten where you came from.

Roni said...