Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Foods

Yesterday, Dinah Soar wrote about Laughing Cow Cheese. I have to admit, I will not be trying low-fat cheese as I like the real stuff after growing up in the dairy state. I have tried a cheese sauce that I will continue using, Taco Bell Mild Salsa con Queso is a great substitute for cheese for me. I use it when eating taco salads, on my eggs, and I have tried it on my Boca Burgers, but I have found that I like them just so I can eat ketchup.

I have found that making small changes, adds up as time goes by. I started drinking coffee with lots of cream and sugar and have gradually gotten to the point where I am starting to prefer it black. I was eating my grapefruit with sugar, then switched to using Splenda, but have now gotten to the point where I eat it plain. While I was eating lunch at work today, one of my colleagues was drinking sweetened Green Tea. A few others were teasing her, but I complimented her stating that it's the small changes that start adding up and make a HUGE difference in the long run. She had been drinking at least 3 sodas a day. Regular sodas! That's a lot of empty calories. Now, she's drinking a few glasses of the sweetened tea. The tea only has 70 calories versus over 250 for the soda. Eventually, she'll switch to the unsweetened stuff I'm sure.

Small steps add up!


Kathy said...

I think the small changes are the ones we are more likely to make permanent as well.

You might enjoy Laughing Cow...I love it!

Dinah Soar said...

So true...and there are so many good things to trade off and save a few calories...sometimes the trade offs taste as good or even better....when I eat cold cereal the Almond Breeze for 20 calories for a half cup tastes just as good as 60 calories for a half cup of reduced fat milk...subing the LCL for mayo and cheese is no sacrifice...I think I like it better...I quit drinking my hot tea with sugar and use just a splash of milk...and am learning to drink inced tea with no sweetener since I want to cut back on artificial sweeteners...This is why I love reading blogs...I get so many great ideas and suggestions...BTW...thanks for mentioning my blog!

AndrewE said...

I read over at a different blog (The tippy toe diet I think) the term JOLT.

Just one little thing at a time.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Honestly, I haven't been able to find Laughing Cow around these parts or I probably would have tried it already.

Dee said...

Great post! It's true -- small changes add up.

I enjoyed reading your baby blog -- I haven't seen it before, although you mentioned it, I just saw the link & checked it out. I'm getting my baby fix for a few days here -- he's 6 months and an incredible sweetheart! Even if he does wake me up at night! :)

Your friend might enjoy drinking white tea instead of green tea -- apparently it has the same benefits as green tea (I learned this from The Last 15) but it isn't so bitter. I've really enjoyed it! Can't say I really like green tea, but I do drink it a lot because it's good for me and it's a free calorie hot drink which warms me up since spring doesn't seem to be coming around here... ;)