Saturday, March 15, 2008

Took a Detour

Weekly Update

This Week: 186.6

Last Week: 189.6

Starting Weight 270.2

Total Loss: 83.6

I didn't get to go to my normal Wednesday meeting this week and I was just feeling lazy on Thursday night and didn't go then either. So I got my formerly fat but out of bed and decided to head to the earliest Saturday meeting. I couldn't believe how many people actually wake up at 6:30 on a Saturday to go to WW! There was a huge crowd and it seemed like many of the ladies in the group had been coming for quite some time and many of them appeared to be at a healthy weight. I always like to scan the room for things like that.

The leader was great. Barb started the meeting by recapping the previous meeting, which focused on the 8 Good realthy Guidelines. She had a great way of remembering them using her fingers. The meeting today focused on DETOURS. One of the members brought up the fact that a Detour is usually thought of as a negative. We chose a more friendly term of a "scenic tour." I'm not sure about where you all live, but this time of the year is filled with potholes, road construction and blinding morning sunshine. All things that were used to apply to our weight loss journey. We all hit potholes along the way, and the road is never a straight and sometimes we lose site of what we're really trying to accomplish.

I'm glad I didn't let the "tank run to empty" this week and actually took the time to find a meeting. I shall return to another Saturday meeting in the future it was a very insightful way to start a Saturday. Plus, it's a good excuse to head to Starbucks for a Skinny Latte. It's the first time I tried one since Starbucks is right across from the WW center.


Dee said...

It's true that we often look at detours as negative -- good post! D

AndrewE said...

Heh...I'm famous for taking the scenic route whenever I go to a new place.

Ditaur said...
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Dinah Soar said...

How was your skinny latte? You know about my recent bad experience...I really wish they were tastier so I could have them more often, especially in light of the fact Starbucks gave me 4 coupons for free drinks of my may have been the store I was at....