Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Musings

This past weekend, I went to my WW meeting and afterwards, I came home and made pancakes for the family. Later in the day, we went to my in-laws for lunch and dinner. Somehow the conversation of what I have been eating came up. My wife asked if I had any pancakes for breakfast, my answer was "no." I have been eating the same breakfast for the last several months and usually the same lunch too. On this Saturday noon, I ate what everyone else was eating. For dinner as well, I ate what everyone else was eating. Yet, it got me thinking if I have been eating like everyone else. Tonight, McDonald's sponsored a special night for my daughter's school. A percentage of the profits were donated to the school. Of course we ate McDonald's tonight. Or did WE? We ordered a 20 piece chicken nugget since there is always a special on them on Mondays, three small fries, a double cheese burger, a medium Shamrock Shake and a medium Strawberry Shake, which turned out to be a Chocolate Shake. My kids and my wife devoured the food and while I was making myself a salad, I discovered that MY Shamrock Shake was also being devoured. It really didn't bother me either. I know in the past, it would have irritated me that my children were sipping my shake. I actually was relieved that I didn't have to drink the whole thing. I got enough and was satisfied. What's my point? I am not eating what everyone else is eating, I'm eating what I WANT to eat. If I really wanted that Shamrock Shake, I would have hoarded it in the kitchen while preparing my salad. If I wanted pancakes, I could have finished the 5 that stayed on the plate and I disposed of afterwards. I'm eating what I want to eat and no one is telling me what I can and cannot eat.

What Part of the Chocolate Bunny Do You Eat First? Fun little game. See if you get called a "Sick Freak" like I did.

Apparently, I didn't win Powerball since I'm still here. Don't know what I would have done with that much money, but I know I would have found something fun. $275 split between 8 people. Each person will get ONLY $12. I heard there were 11 people that worked in the department and only 8 of them went in on the tickets. I think I'd be kicking myself if I were one of those three.

March Madness
Can't wait till the College Basketball Tournament begins this Thursday. I'm not a fan until this time of the year and I always root for the underdog. I'm also not stupid, so I will not be picking Coppin St. or Mt. St. Mary's!


Shannon said...

Then you have mastered the life style change my friend!!!

Dee said...

I enjoyed reading your musings...somehow,I think I would have been disappointed to have to share the shake -- I need to come along a ways I guess!!! ;) You've done so well. How many more day until baby??!! D

noelle said...

ooooo...a shamrock shake! I used to love those in high school, but now I think it would make me sick! I love being able to share a junk food with everyone. We all get a taste, but it's easier on our bodies and our wallets that way!

Those are good choices you are making. I eat what I want too, but too often I do eat the crap.