Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekly Update

This Week: 190.2

Last Week: 186.6

Starting Weight 270.2

Total Loss: 80

Well, I am tired. I've decided to go to bed early tonight and get some sleep. My eating trigger last night was because I was overly tired. I lied a bit and actually ate 2 slices of cold pizza, 3 100 calorie packs of Reese's, and a good half box of All-Bran Crackers. It's no wonder I gained over 3 pounds since Saturday.

Tonight, I will face the trigger head on and get some shut-eye. Good night.


Kathy said...

Good plan!

ebsfwan said...

It's amazing how quickly the calories can mount up isn't it?

Jodie said...

And the salt.. I'm super sensitive to not eat salty things a day and 1/2 before weigh in!