Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I was so amazed at the amount of weight everyone lost this week...and then there were three. It's up to us to decide the final finalist. I was rooting for Mark early on, but halfway into the competition, he got a little too weepy and competitive for me. Roger has also been arrogant along the way, but he really seems like a down-to-earth normal kind of guy, so I'm leaning towards voting for Roger.

I really am rooting for one of the girls to win and I actually don't care which one. Ali has really kicked some booty since returning and Kelly also seems "real." I'm looking forward to watching a good finale and have really enjoyed the season.


noelle said...

I adored last season, but have hardly watched this one.

Can't believe it's almost over and I missed it!

Matt Keeling said...

I hate to love Biggest Loser. I admire what the players do, but I think it gives false hope to viewers. That being said I watch every week like a crack addict.

I voter for Roger cause I just flat out like him better than Mark. But really I am pulling for Kelly. I thin she might just do be able to do it. I don't think Ali or Mark can loose a lot more so it is probably down to Roger or Kelly.

Just my opinion anyway.

kborn said...

I agree with Matt, there. Addicted like crack.

My husband comes're watching this again??!! And I say, I just can't stop! Heck, even if I don't need to lose the weight, the food and exercise tips are great for everyone!!! Even the LITTLE bit of baby weight I gotta shed yet...heck, Ali's weight is where I was at not too long ago!

Ali has worked her tail off and proved that people can work out and eat right and lose weight at home too as she lost enough to get her back on the show! SO...what's 'better'. Losing a ton of weight on the ranch with trainers (almost) every week, or being on the ranch and losing weight, then going home for a few weeks and lost weight, and the losing a ton more weight back on the ranch? WE'LL SEE!!!!

As far as most people really being able to drop 10-15 pounds a week for several weeks...holy cow! Regis and Kelly had their staff compete for weight loss and I think only one of them lost more than 20 pounds in 3 months. HOWEVER, they all lost several inches of fat and gained the muscle in that 3 months. None of them were overly obese, but it showed me (at least) that it's not necessarily the scale numbers that show you're improving your health..muscle is heavier than fat! Both shows have inspired me to get on the treadmill more, play with Quinn more to improve my arm toning and flexibility...and the added bonus of walking places to get my shopping and chores done!

Apparently I had a lot to say...
Tom, where are the superfoods? You were teaching this nutritionist so much!! :)

Heather said...

I am guilty of being an addict too! I try to do my core/strength work while watching it to make myself feel better :) I am so hoping one of the women wins!