Friday, April 11, 2008

Back to the Super Foods: Blue Foods

Back by popular demand...thanks Katie! Here's another installment of Super Foods. Well, blue M&M's are about as close to blue foods as I had gotten in the past. Blueberries, grapes and plums are packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids. They're also high in potassium and vitamin C, making them a favorite on the list of "Super Foods." Not only can they lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a key driver of all chronic diseases, so blueberries have a host of benefits. The darker they are, the more anti-oxidants they have.

Reading on the GOAD message board last week, "real foods" were discussed. A regular to the message board mentioned not wanting to eat many "frozen" foods. Well, I agree with not eating many frozen dinners and other frozen treats, but frozen veggies and frozen fruits are fine. In fact, it was brought up that frozen fruit is usually frozen immediately after being picked, which keeps all the vitamins and antioxidants intact. I had never thought about that before, but it makes total sense. It takes a long time to ship the "fresh" fruits and veggies to where ever they are coming from. I have always loved going to the farmer's market as all the fruits and veggies are picked early in the day and brought to the market as fresh as can be.

I bought some frozen blueberries this week, haven't touched them yet, but I will.

On another note, I'm trying to start CORE this week. I have a feeling it may be a one week experiment for now as I'm having a hard time staying away from the junk. 35 points does not go far into a pan of brownies ;)


noelle said...

Yeah for you for trying CORE this week. I never thought I could do it either, but I really love it. I realize that when I get full eating healthful foods, I don't have as much temptation to eat the bad stuff.

I love fresh blueberries straight and I like to put the frozen blueberries in my yogurt. I zap them in the micro for a sec first. Or you could add them to your oatmeal too.

Peanut butter isn't core...and that's a hard one for me. I find I eat a lot of eggs lately.

Anonymous said...

You are right. WW is not what should motivate me, I need to motivate myself. I was getting pissed off at my points and that is the main reason I am backing away from it. It is not good when I eat something with 12 points and laugh because I managed to find soemthing that was over half of my daily alotment. I just need a change...

Heather said...

Great to read while I sit hear eating blueberries that I picked and froze last Spring. I am just getting around to eating them (instead of baking with them) and they are wonderful especially with yogurt.

Good luck on core!

Dee said...

Blue M&Ms don't count??? I was hoping they were a new superfood! LOL I love my blueberries & mixed fruit -- I have them w/ my hot cereal every day. Yum. Enjoy! D

kborn said...

blueberry whole wheat pancakes! yum! ooh, and blueberry cobbler (flour, splenda and...ooh, I use butter....and a little egg...I'm sure there's a WW recipe out there somewhere! BB are one thing I can't eat "as is" usually.

Yummy. :) And go blue M&Ms!! :)

Matt Keeling said...

All you guys are missing the boat. He wants brownies. :-)


Good luck with core. I am not so brave just yet.

Anonymous said...

I guess the brownies will have to come to work with me so i can eat them all!! I only gained 2 pounds in the last month!! Maybe what Tome should try is a brownie with vanilla icecream with blueberries on top!!! YUM!!! That temptation will soon go away for the next 5 weeks, as there will be no oven to make brownies.. just those microwave things, but one of those doesn't go very far for 2 people!
At least it is getting warmer.. that means our evening walks can continue!! :)