Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who's Idea Was This?

Well now, this is a challenge. I admit that it was my idea to put the frig and most of our food within view from my favorite chair. It has and will be the biggest challenge in remodeling our kitchen. When I was young, I remember going to the frig just to open it. I was never really hungry and always knew exactly what was in the frig, but it was a habit. Since getting married, I am the one who has done all the shopping and I still know exactly what's in our very, very soon-to-be SUPERSIZED frig. I have never gone to the frig out of habit. I have however gone to the pantry to gaze at the food. Most of the time I shut the door without grabbing anything, but now my pantry and frig are staring me smack in the face. I'll be fine as long as I continue to realize that I am accountable.

I have noticed another staring match that I take on daily. Each day, I bring my own lunch to work, but it has not stopped me from staring down the fried foods that cover the employee cafeteria. I have handled it fine, but still continue to have the daily staring match with the fried mozzarella sticks, fried veggies and other assorted cakes , cookies and pies.

I am so glad that the frig does not reside permanently within eyesight from my favorite chair.


Anonymous said...

and to add to it, i can't very easily sneak my ice cream bon bon from the freezer when my children are not it view.!!

Kathy said...

Our house as the Great Room thing...family sitting area and kitchen in one big room... going on so I practically live in the kitchen! I really have considered putting the dining room stuff in the other end of the kitchen and taking over the Living Room/Dining Room and turning it into our TV and "family" area...but that would be a lot of moving around and calling the cable company and all that...so I'm still here in view of the fridge! My back is turned to it, though...so there, you fridge, you!

Anonymous said...

At least it's only a temporary thing. Good luck with the remodeling AND with staying out of the fridge!

kborn said...