Tuesday, May 6, 2008

April Showers Bring Mayflowers

And what do Mayflowers bring?

Today I attended the Wisconsin State Alzheimer's Conference. It was a great day and I will definitely post on it again in a few days when I have finished more kitchen stuff. The drywall is up and will be ready for painting on Thursday and Friday. I'll be painting the kitchen, bedroom we used to expand the kitchen, our computer room and the ceiling of our dining room, which has not yet been painted since our roof leaked two Springs ago. If I still have energy and time, I might tackle a wall or two in the living room. This past weekend, we went wild buying paint.

The conference was great and I attended an interesting talk about Alzheimer's and the effect of Diet and Nutrition. I'll sort through my notes and get an intelligent post ready.

Probably won't see me for a few days as I'm unplugging the computer and moving it, so I won't have access. It will give my more motivation to get the computer room painted quickly.

And yet another goofy joke...

What do Mayflowers bring?

The Pilgrims

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Dee said...

I'd be interested in hearing about the seminar -- I believe there is a HUGE connection between AD/dementia and diet. And many other diseases/ailments. D