Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day??

My painting duties are almost complete. Kitchen, computer room, bedroom, dining room ceiling all done. I know I'll have to touch some up at another time. Our kitchen is now a shade of green: Olive Fringes. I'm sure it will really look sharp come Monday when our cabinets start getting installed.

Onto Mother's Day~Today I tried starting my lawnmower with little success. I've had problems with it in the past and decided it was time to break down and by a new one. Thus, the first Mother's Day present: Lawnmower. After I brought it home, she reminded me that it was exactly 8 years ago on Mother's Day that I had purchased our first lawnmower. Guess it's just a good Mother's Day gift. After lunch, my wife decided to go shopping. This is something she normally does not do, but she had received a gift card from Kohl's that was only good through Tuesday. What did she buy? Nothing for herself, instead a new coffee maker thinking that I would probably be buying one anyway since every time I go to pour coffee, I spill half of the coffee all over the table. My last gift for Mother's Day will be to go upstairs and exercise and leave my wife in peace to read a book. 7:30pm and all the kids are already asleep.

Today's challenges: Staying out of the snacks. I know I'm not hungry, but I am exhausted from all the painting I've done the last two days and am finding myself grabbing, graham crackers, nilla wafers, pudding. I have eaten plenty of fruit too as we have some bananas that are close to being "too ripe."

Happy Mother's Day!


Kathy said...

Kids asleep...a good book to read...that sounds like the beginning of a good Mother's Day! And a new lawnmower...who could ask for anything more? lol

Andrew is getting fit said...

Sounds like you've done a lot. Well done. The kitchen should be nice once it's all sorted.

noelle said...

LOL! Love the Dora card! And my hubby once got a motorcycle on my birthday! It was just 5 days past his b-day and he had just worked out the financing and it was either get on my b-day or wait 3 more days. But I never let him forget that one either! LOL

My Mother's day gift is staying home from church this morning with an upset tummy while hubby takes all the kids. Then we'll meet up for lunch later.

I don't know what to do with myself all alone in my house at 10:30 in the morning!!!

Dee said...

I think that this is the first year that the DKs bought me a gift & DH had no idea what it was! They got me an MP3 player!!! With their own money -- now they're getting old! DH bought me earrings. No lawnmower for me -- although I used ours on Saturday and I was tickled pink that I started it myself, first time of the season, without ANY male (or female) help whatsoever!!! Yah. The string on ours is just a tad longer than my arm so I've been a bit dependant -- maybe my arms grew longer?? LOL D

kborn said...

:) Can't wait to see the new colors. New paint is always a nice touch to spring cleaning.